Send us pictures of boobs you think are top candidates for being the boobs of the week.

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No nude images will be posted, please adhere to the terms and conditions.

Please use the following template so we know as much about the photo as possible:


What is the name of the person in image?



Where is the image from?



If a TV show or film etc.  What date did it air or date it was released?



If image was taken yourself when did you take the image?


Template FAQ

What do I put in “Where is the image from?” section?

Examples: my house, at park, channel 6 news, TV show: Sex and the city, Film: Pirates of the Caribbean.

Why do you want to know the date of the image?

It would be preferable if the image was recent(boobs of the actual week) as there are many boob’s of the week lurking out there every day so there is no need to use old boobies.